I take action and still photos of cars and I also do extensive retouching to take the car into another "world" if desired. I have a tele lens (300-500mm Nikon) and a very good camera (Nikon D850) to shoot with, as seen on the photos below.
For the action photos I use a fast shutter speed to freeze everything and get the car crispy and sharp, and then - if I have the chance - I experiment with slower shutter speed to get the motion blur of the background and the wheels. The photos here were taken on a racetrack and I did not want to miss any so I skipped the "slow shutter speed experimenting". So all of them were with fast shutter speed and that made some of the photos lack something. With more than 20 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, I knew how to "help" them show that the cars actually were driving and not just standing still, as seen below.
And if you think your car looks way cooler in the desert than where you actually took the photo, no problem! I will fix it :) 

The before photo above was taken in Norway...

...and this is the final picture, definitely not in Norway.

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